Heroic saga & Fondue in the Alps

Nibelungensaal Hotel De l'Europe

Nibelungen hall

In the Nibelungensaal, named after the ancient heroic saga with its pompous pictures, you are transported back to the time of the Song of the Nibelungs.

For about 100 persons we offer here seats in the restaurant and with delicacies of fondue.

The name Nibelungensaal comes from the heroic saga of the often sung Nibelungenlied of 1200, the origins of which date back to the so-called heroic age of the migration of nations. It was a memorable war with the Burgundians, in which almost the entire people died together with their leader. Even today, large antique murals decorate the Nibelungen Hall to commemorate Attila's battles and the great battles of the Huns.